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Worchester Tooth Extractions

It’s the goal of the restorative dentists and team at Common Park Dental to preserve natural teeth whenever possible. However, there are some situations where tooth extraction is necessary to protect overall oral health. When this happens, our Worchester dental patients don’t need to be afraid. We’ll create a personalized tooth extraction plan that will prevent discomfort and improve overall oral health.

When We Recommend Tooth Extraction

The determination is made to recommend tooth extraction when keeping a tooth will have a greater negative impact on overall oral health than removal might. Some of the most common situations where we recommend tooth extraction include:

Wisdom Tooth Removal

The most commonly extracted teeth are the third molars. Often called wisdom teeth due to their late eruption into the smile, typically in the late teens and early twenties, these molars are often too large to fit within the natural jawline. This can lead to numerous oral health issues. Wisdom teeth are often impacted. They create crowding that leads to orthodontic issues, and they increase risk for tooth decay and uneven dental wear.

The Tooth Removal Process

Removing teeth is typically completed either by “pulling” or surgical extraction. The less invasive method, pulling a tooth is possible when the teeth are already fully erupted from the gum line, and they aren’t interfering with or intersecting the supportive structures of surrounding teeth. The procedure itself is relatively simple. We numb the area around the tooth. Then, we use metal forceps to gently shift the tooth back and forth releasing it from its bond to surrounding soft tissue and jawbone structure. Surgical extractions are more complicated. We’ll need to cut away soft tissue to fully expose the tooth structure, and we may need to break teeth into two or more smaller parts to ensure safe, comfortable removal.

Tooth Replacement Options

If we need to extract a tooth or teeth that are necessary to maintain oral health, we will also create a tooth replacement plan before extraction. We offer a wide range of tooth replacement options including crown and bridge, partials, and full dentures. Dental implant supported replacement teeth are also available for those patients interested in a longer lasting solution with improved stability.

Dental Comforts

Our gentle dentist and team work hard to ensure your treatment is completely free from pain and stress. Every patient is different and their sedation needs are too. We provide local anesthesia for all tooth extraction patients, but we can also offer other mild dental sedatives as necessary to ensure you are comfortable and relaxed throughout your time in our office.