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Non-Invasive Root Canal Therapy

Did you know that not treating chronic tooth pain can actually be harmful to your health? A toothache is commonly a sign that disease or decay is present in the tooth, even if you cannot see it. Nothing can take the place of healthy, natural teeth, which is why it is important to receive prompt dental care if you have been experiencing pain! Especially if this pain is due to infection of the tooth pulp, you may need root canal therapy to halt the spread of infection and save your tooth. We are specialized in endodontics, the branch of dentistry involving treatment of tooth pulp, and are experienced in diagnosing tooth pain and in root canal therapy. With this expertise, we can perform gentle root canals successfully and non-invasively and be able to address any complications, if they arise.

What Does Root Canal Therapy Do?

Tooth decay, facial trauma, and gum disease are all ways bacteria can be introduced to your tooth pulp and cause infection. Root canal therapy removes the bacteria from the pulp chamber and replaces it with a sealing material to prevent infection from returning. Once restored with a custom dental crown, your tooth will be able to function normally and without any pain. Many of our patients come to our office in a lot of tooth pain and with the fear that treatment will hurt. Our root canal therapy is gentle and safe, and with the assistance of sedation dentistry, virtually painless!

the root canal process model
Example Of A Root Canal Procedure

Root canal therapy helps patients by:

  • Removing tooth infection and bacteria
  • Restoring pain-free tooth function
  • Preserving the smile’s natural beauty
  • Eliminating tooth pain and sensitivity
  • Avoiding the need for tooth extraction

Gentle Treatment from a Specialized Team

Root canal therapy is a routine procedure at our office, and we have helped many patients find relief from their tooth pain and avoid tooth extractions with our timely and effective treatment. It is not uncommon, however, for our patients to be concerned about having their toothache treated. We approach each of our patients with compassion and provide the education you need to feel safe and confident moving forward with root canal therapy. Our specialized team is passionate about helping you save your tooth and regain your oral function! If you have tooth pain, it will not resolve on its own. Seek treatment today!


Is root canal treatment painful?

You don’t have to fear this procedure. With the help of numbing medicine, patients should feel no pain while a root canal is being performed.

How long does a root canal treatment take?

They usually can be finished in 30-90 minutes depending on the tooth and difficulty.

Do I need a crown after a root canal?

Needing a crown after a root canal depends highly on the location of the tooth in the mouth—teeth towards the back of the mouth like molars and premolars are needed more for chewing, and generally require crowns, where incisors or canines which aren’t needed for chewing don’t always require crowns.

What happens if you don't get a root canal?

If you need a root canal, the infected pulp in the tooth needs to be removed. Typically, a chronic infection begins and the bone around the tooth starts to break down.  The tooth is likely to abscess at some point and is usually at greater risk of fracturing.

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