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Root Canal Therapy

No two toothaches are alike. Sometimes, you notice discomfort because you have a particle of food trapped between two teeth or just below the gum line. In this case, you can usually solve the problem yourself with your toothbrush and floss.

However, when a toothache is severe, then the problem can really be quite serious. This kind of toothache may be indicative of an infection inside the pulp chamber and root canals of your tooth. In this situation, a root canal in Worcester must be performed. The dentists and their team at Common Park Dental offer root canal therapy to eliminate the infection, relieve discomfort and preserve your tooth.

How Does Tooth Infection Happen?

Not easily, that’s for sure. Each one of your teeth is covered in a layer of enamel, a hard coating that protects the crown and gives your smile that attractive sheen. Underneath the enamel is dentin, a slightly softer but much more sensitive layer. At the core of the tooth is the pulp chamber. Here, we find the tooth’s nerve as well as blood and lymph tissue. Each chamber branches off in canals that end at the root tip. Through the root canals, each tooth is able to absorb nutrients from the bloodstream and eliminate toxins.

For infection to happen, bacteria must find their way to the pulp chamber and canals. This is possible when an untreated cavity, penetrating crack or serious fracture penetrates the enamel and dentin, giving bacteria access to the chamber. Once bacteria are inside your tooth, infection starts and begins to kill the contents of the pulp chamber. As the infection grows, blood flow to the tooth increases and the resulting pressure within the tooth can be unbearably painful. In addition, the infection can lead to bone degeneration, tooth loss, and even more acute pain. In lieu of extraction to prevent the infection from spreading beyond the tooth and gum tissue, your dentist will instead recommend root canal therapy in Worcester.

How is a Root Canal Performed?

Many people worry that the root canal procedure itself is painful. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the procedure is designed to relieve the pain of an infected tooth.

After administering a local anesthetic to numb the tooth and surrounding tissue, the dentist accesses the chamber in order to remove the infection here and in the diseased canals. The space is then disinfected and filled with a biocompatible material that supports the remaining tooth structure and prevents recontamination. Finally, the tooth is sealed and prepared for a dental crown that will be attached in a few weeks to protect the tooth restore natural form and function.

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