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Mouthguards and Sportsguards in Worcester

Your daily oral hygiene routine is only one part of a plan to keep your teeth healthy. There’s also regular checkups and restorative care when necessary. But what about when you need to protect your teeth against the dangers of injury? If you’ve been diagnosed with temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction, then the dentist at Common Park Dental will likely prescribe a custom-fitted mouthguard. Similarly, if you or another member of the family is active in athletics, then a sportsguards in Worcester will protect your teeth and mouth in case of impact.

Correcting TMJ Dysfunction

You’ve probably heard people talk about TMJ, but do really understand what they mean? First, let’s find your TMJs. Place your fingertips on both sides of your face right in front of your ears. Now, open your mouth wide. Those joints moving underneath your fingertips are your temporomandibular joints. They hinge your lower jaw to your skull. When they function smoothly, you can easily open your mouth to eat, talk, yawn, laugh and smile.

The TMJ is a complex arrangement of bone, cartilage and muscle. Malfunction can happen as a result of:

The most common symptom of TMJ dysfunction is a sharp pain when you open or close your mouth. Other symptoms include facial swelling, headaches and the feeling of a locked jaw. If you are diagnosed with the condition, then we can prescribe a custom-fitted oral appliance called a mouthguard. This helps to prevent teeth grinding and clenching, which is the most common cause of TMJ dysfunction.

Sportguards in Worcester

Similar to a mouthguard only stronger, a sportsguard protects your teeth during athletics. Inexpensive varieties are sold in sporting goods stores, but none of these offer the comfort and protection you’ll get from wearing one designed just for your individual bite.

Worn regularly, a sportsguard not only protects your teeth, but also your lips, tongue, cheeks and gums in the case of forceful impact. A sportsguard is particularly important for people wearing traditional metal braces, which can easily lacerate delicate lip and gum tissue if there is facial injury.

In addition, there is new evidence to show that wearing a sportsguard may also reduce the risk of concussion or the severity if one should occur. Similar to the shock absorber in an auto, a sportsguard absorbs the impact of a blow, thereby helping to protect your brain.

Protect your smile with a mouthguard or sportsguard in Worcester. Call us today if you’re ready to schedule an appointment. Common Park Dental is located in Worcester, Massachusetts and offers modern care in the fields of preventive, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry.