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Expertise in Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction refers to comprehensive treatment of the teeth, gums, and bone to restore full oral function and beauty to a failing smile. Missing teeth, jaw bone loss, gum disease, severe tooth decay, and teeth grinding can all happen independently, but if multiple issues are present, more complex restorative care is needed. As a whole, full mouth reconstruction can sound daunting, but this smile makeover process is made up of procedures we complete on a regular basis, such as placing and restoring dental implants. Are you suffering from multiple oral health concerns? We are experienced in full mouth reconstruction treatment and our multidisciplinary team, including our board-certified periodontist, collaborate to perfect the most ideal treatment plan for your needs. We will work with you to bring back your oral health and meet your personal smile goals!

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“We use a variety of techniques to achieve the most ideal smile”

Kevin Guze DMD

The Benefits of Comprehensive Treatment

Full mouth reconstruction is designed to reestablish the proper health and function of your smile, while drastically improving its aesthetic appearance. This is accomplished through a series of procedures we have customized to the unique needs of your smile. Our treatment begins from the ground up, first establishing a healthy foundation for teeth by treating gum disease, occlusal issues, or providing bone grafting, if needed. With this healthy foundation in place, teeth can be more accurately and effectively restored, greatly improving their chances of lasting for many years to come. Custom full mouth reconstruction benefits our patients in many ways, including aligning the bite, replacing lost teeth, treating disease and decay, improving oral health, and fully restoring the function and beauty of their smiles!

Components of Full Mouth Reconstruction

We Are Passionate about Improving Oral Health

If you are an adult or have a teenager concerned about the look or feel of traditional braces, Invisalign® may be ideal. Invisalign treats orthodontic problems discreetly, gently moving your teeth through a series of clear aligners. This system lets you remove your aligners for easy cleaning and when eating. However, it does require high-level commitment when it comes to wearing the clear aligners as recommended.

Full mouth reconstruction is the only way we can restore a failing smile back to its former health and beauty. Many of our patients are excited to find that this comprehensive treatment helps resolve many issues, such as poor oral health and tooth loss, they have been struggling with for many years. We provide this smile makeover for these patients, and are passionate about helping them achieve their ideal smile, while also drastically improving their oral and overall health. If you have been suffering from multiple oral health, functional, and aesthetic issues, full mouth reconstruction may be your solution!

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