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Naturally Aesthetic Smiles that Improve Oral Function

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Custom, Lifelike, Modern Dentures

Worcester cosmetic dentures provides one of the most cost-effective restorative options for patients who are missing multiple teeth or a full arch of teeth. Made from high-quality materials and aesthetically lifelike, full and partial dentures restore functionality and aesthetics to the smile without necessitating extensive dental work. Our modern denture solutions enable our patients to smile with confidence, speak with clarity, and eat more of their favorite foods. We customize every denture to each patient and make all adjustments in-office to ensure the most comfortable fit. Most importantly, we personalize each denture to your unique facial shape and skin tone, matching the color of your gums and any existing teeth, to create a beautiful, new smile, without your denture appearing bulky or low-cost.

Function Improved. Beauty Restored.

Full and partial dentures are not simply aesthetic; they provide necessary functional improvements as well. Partial dentures can improve your ability to eat comfortably, help keep existing teeth from drifting out of place, and help reduce any lisping or whistling that may come from a gapped smile. Full dentures enable you to eat more solid foods, help with enunciation when speaking, and naturally fill out your cheeks and lips. Our denture solutions are highly aesthetic and made to fit snugly, no matter how many teeth you may be missing, improving necessary oral function and restoring the natural beauty of your smile.

  • Partial Dentures

    Partial dentures, or partials, fill the gaps left by one or more missing teeth. Partials attach to existing teeth and must be highly customized to fit securely. We match the shade of both the gums and prosthetic teeth to blend in with your natural smile. Unlike dental bridges, partial dentures do not require that surrounding teeth be altered. Partials are commonly removable, but can be secured with dental implants.

  • Valplast® Partials

    Valplast partials are made from a flexible material and rely on natural suction, not metal clasps, to remain in place. These partials are non-acrylic and metal-free, ideal for patients who are allergic to traditional materials. Valplast is translucent in color for a nearly invisible blend with natural gum tissue. We customize these partials by taking an impression of your existing teeth and testing a wax-up before finalizing your partial.

  • Full Dentures

    Full dentures rely on a custom fit to suction securely to the gums, with the assistance of pastes or adhesives. These dentures can take the place of a full arch of missing teeth and bring back an adequate level of function. Made from high-quality materials, our dentures are comfortable and natural in appearance, without being bulky. As with partials, full dentures are removed at night to be cleaned and to let your gums rest.

Dental Implants Improve Support and Function

Patients looking for a more permanent and healthier alternative to modern dentures may benefit from the implant-supported solutions we provide. We are able to support a denture or full-arch prosthesis onto two or more dental implants that have been surgically placed into the jaw bone. Implant supported dentures have a dual functional purpose by both preserving the health of the jaw bone and bringing much-needed stability to the denture. This option eliminates the need for pastes or adhesives, retains the lifelike quality of the denture itself, and secures your smile in place, permanently.

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