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Expertise in Bone Grafting Procedures

Your jaw bone and teeth work together as a team. The teeth supply the jaw bone with stimulation from the pressure you exert when you chew. Similarly, a stimulated jaw bone remains strong, stabilizing the teeth in their sockets. If a tooth is lost or extracted, stimulation is also lost and the jaw bone will begin to resorb and eventually become too weak and thin to safely accommodate dental implants. If this happens, bone grafting is the only way to rebuild the jaw bone. Our team of dentists and in-office periodontist are highly skilled in planning and executing these procedures with exceptional precision and detail. This is needed so that the bone grafting is accurate, the jaw ridge is correctly restored, and the area is strong and stable once fully healed. With bone grafting, your jaw will be ready for any number of dental implants!

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“Long term studies demonstrate wonderful results with bone grafting

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Bone grafting can take on many forms depending on the unique situations of each patient and where exactly tooth loss or a tooth extraction has occurred. Our expertise in bone grafting enables us to perform treatment with great accuracy, producing the most beneficial outcomes when preparing you for dental implants.

  • Sinus Lift

    Tooth loss in the upper, back jaw underneath the sinus cavity will cause bone loss, causing the sinus to sink downward as well, leaving no vertical space for dental implants. A sinus lift elevates the sinus cavity so that bone grafting material can be placed underneath to build up bone volume in the area.

  • Ridge Preservation

    After a tooth extraction or if a tooth is lost, the jaw bone will shrink without the stimulation from the tooth root. Ridge preservation reduces the rapidity of bone loss by placing bone grafting material at the treatment site immediately after the tooth has been extracted or to rebuild the jaw ridge after tooth loss.

The Bone Grafting Process

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More Information On Bone Grafting

Bone grafting is a common procedure for our experienced team and one we perform on a routine basis. Once we have planned treatment, we will take the accurate amount of bone from a part of your body or from bone grafting material and secure it to the jaw bone with a collagen membrane. Your jaw bone is skilled at healing itself, and over the course of a few months, will begin to strengthen and naturally grow around the “scaffold” of grafting material. This will simultaneously fix the depression in your jaw bone and cheek, if bone loss was extensive, and create a stable foundation for future dental work. When your jaw bone is fully healed, it will be strong enough to support dental implants!

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