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Fluoride in Your Water: Your Worcester Dentist Discusses The Great Debate

October 17, 2016

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Learn more about fluoride in your water from your Worchester dentist.Most of us are concerned about the safety of the foods we eat, and the medications and other supplements we take. Fluoride often comes up as a cause for concern and your Common Park Dental team is here to put the myths about fluoride and your fears to rest. Fluoride in your water: your Worcester dentist discusses the great debate.

What is Fluoride?

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that has been proven to help strengthen tooth enamel, especially in children’s developing teeth. Fluoride is also known to help a damaged tooth re-mineralize, reduce sensitivity, and it can sometimes help to reverse cavities. Dentists have been using fluoride treatments for their patients for many years to reduce occurrences of tooth decay and cavities.

Where is Fluoride Found?

Fluoride naturally occurs in water, in fact, because of the proven reduction of tooth decay, the government has increased the amount of fluoride in our drinking water just enough to help protect our teeth. In 2011 the recommended level of fluoride for water was 0.7 parts per million. Fluoride is also included in many brands of toothpaste, and can be administered at your dentist’s office.

Is Fluoride Safe?

There has been no evidence as of yet to prove that fluoride is not safe. In fact, research has actually shown that the use of fluoride reduces tooth decay by about 25%, and that it’s beneficial for both adults and children. If you have concerns about the use of fluoride at your dental appointments, we’re always happy to discuss it with you at Common Park Dental.

Your health and safety is our top priority, and we strive to provide high quality care and dental services designed to protect and maintain healthy teeth for a lifetime. Fluoride is a tool that we use to do this, however it’s always a choice that our patients can make if they don’t want fluoride to be used during cleaning appointments or other procedures. We encourage open communication between our doctors and patients and we’re always happy to listen to your concerns about fluoride or any other procedure.

Give us a call today to answer any questions or schedule your next dental appointment.

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