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Do You Need a Root Canal in Worcester, MA? Common Park Dental Has Solutions

March 3, 2016

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Common Park Dental can help you with a root canal in Worcester, MA.Root. Canal. These words make most people want to turn and run. The root canal is definitely the dental procedure that has gotten the worst rap over the years. Did you know however, that a root canal might actually save your natural tooth from being extracted? Did you know that root canals actually relieve pain, not cause it? If you need a root canal in Worcester, MA consider yourself lucky that you have an opportunity to save your natural tooth. The team at Common Park Dental is here to dispel the legend and myth that root canals are awful and painful!

What is a Root Canal?

Root canal therapy is the removal of a damaged or infected pulp from within your tooth’s root. Your dentist will enter your tooth via a small hole, which will be temporarily sealed after the root canal. After your tooth has had time to heal, you will eventually need a permanent restoration in order to strengthen your tooth. A filling is sometimes sufficient, but typically your tooth will need a porcelain crown to restore full function.

When Do I Need a Root Canal?

The pain that is associated with root canals is caused by the damage or infection that is affecting the pulp of your tooth. Not all pain indicates the need for a root canal, but a few signs may be sensitivity to hot and cold, pain when biting or chewing, and swollen gum tissue surrounding the affected tooth. Dental pain can be an indicator of infection so it’s important not to ignore it or wait for it to go away on it’s own because it could lead to further damage or tooth loss. Once the infection is removed from your tooth you will immediately experience relief from your pain.

At Common Park Dental, Dr. Daria Hornung, Dr. Kevin Guze, and Dr. Khristy Fontillas are highly skilled at diagnosing emergency situations and providing exceptional root canal therapy in Worcester if necessary. If you’re experiencing dental pain don’t hesitate to call us immediately. No emergency is too big or too small and we strive to see all of our emergency patients as soon as possible. Remember, the faster we can diagnose your situation, the faster we can get you comfortable again.

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