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The Cosmetic Dentist Worcester Trusts Gives Patients Beautiful Smiles

September 17, 2015

happy couple smiling thanks to the cosmetic dentist worscter lovesWorcester cosmetic dentistry is a team approach

Cosmetic dentistry may involve just one treatment or a combination of services to produce a beautiful smile that lasts.The Common Park Dental team consults with each patient to understand his or her needs, budget and goals. Working together, doctor and patient agree on just the right treatment plan.

What could a treatment plan include?

Professional at-home and in-office teeth whitening offers patients a safe and effective method of brightening tooth enamel by as much as 8 shades. Using professional strength hydrogen peroxide gel and custom-fitted whitening trays, patients whiten their smiles gradually over several days at home, or in the dental chair the Common Park team renews their smiles in just about an hour–for a look that’s dramatically white and attractive.


Composite resin bonding uses a unique material composed of tooth-colored glass and acrylic. Strong, natural-looking and stain-resistant, composite resin fills gaps, chips, and fine fractures,  and it covers stains from smoking, coffee and dark foods such as curry, blueberries and soy sauce.


This simple, yet artistic, procedure is one of the least expensive cosmetic improvements the Common Park Dental team uses. Painless and accomplished in just one appointment, bonding transforms the color and shape of one or more teeth and adds a measure of durability, too.


In addition to cosmetic bonding, the Worcester cosmetic dentists offer porcelain veneers. Also called dental laminates, veneers cover more stubborn imperfections in enamel. Made from high-grade, dental porcelain, laminates are super-thin, tooth-shaped shells that improve  tooth structure.


While not appropriate for individuals with extensive decay, restorations or gum disease, porcelain veneers are a permanent improvement bonded to the front surface of prepared teeth. With routine dental hygiene and in-office care, veneers last for years.


Lastly, toothcolored fillings merge the best in aesthetics with modern restorative materials and technique. Made with non-metallic acrylic and glass or porcelain, tooth-colored fillings bond right to healthy tooth structure, preserving more of its natural integrity and creating a natural-looking, permanent bond.


Cosmetic dentistry in Worcester creates individualized, perfect smiles

Often, cosmetic dental services combine for a complete smile makeover. What services the specialists at Common Park Dental use totally depends on patient preference and need. It’s an individualized approach that leaves patients smiling! For your own cosmetic dentistry consultation, contact Common Park Dental for a convenient appointment to discuss your smile objectives.

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