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We Strive for the Highest Standard of Care

Our all-inclusive dentist office provides comprehensive dental care for patients of all ages. We take pride in offering many general, cosmetic, restorative, and preventive dentistry services and our experienced team brings a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach to your care. Along with the convenience our many services provide, having multiple doctors and a board-certified periodontist in our practice helps us bring you the highest standard of personalized care with every appointment. Does your child need a sports guard or are you in need of or teeth whitening? Our teeth whitening in Worcester, MA provides both in-office immediate bleaching and take-home options. We are fully equipped to provide these services-and more-in our technology-forward and affordable dental office!

Personalized, Comfortable, High-Quality

Our multi-dentist team, modern office, and comprehensive services hold a significant advantage for our patients. Unless you need to be referred to a specialist for extensive dental surgery or care, we have the expertise to provide you and your family with a wide variety of simple-to-complex dental services right in our office! Your experience with us will be personalized, comfortable, and high-quality.

  • Teeth Grinding/ Bruxism

    Dr Guze Gives a Patient General Dentistry Treatment
    Custom nightguards keep the teeth from touching, to avoid grinding and clenching.
  • Composite

    composite fillings model
    Tooth-colored fillings are used to fill cavities that are more aesthetic than amalgam fillings.
  • Bonding/

    dental resin mix used for bonding and contouring
    Adding resin or removing enamel creates a more attractive shape to the tooth.
  • Teeth

    patient receiving teeth whitening treatment
    ZOOM! professional teeth whitening brightens teeth up to four shades lighter.
  • BOTOX®

    patient undergoing botox treatment
    A temporary paralysis of facial muscles helps soften wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Periodontal

    patient undergoing periodontal maintenance
    Routine cleanings every three months clear away plaque buildup below the gums.
  • Osseous

    dental osseous surgery being performed on patient
    Traditional surgery uses scalpels to remove tissue affected by gum disease.
  • Scaling/ Root Planing

    dental patient getting scaling and root planing treatment
    “Deep cleanings” under the gum line remove plaque buildup and smooth the tooth.
  • Gum

    We take gum tissue from the body or a donor source to cover exposed tooth roots.
  • Emergency

    patient in need of emergency dentistry
    Same-day dental care for toothaches, chipped or knocked out teeth, or broken crown.
  • TMJ Disorder

    tmj disorder graphic
    Custom-made oral appliances help keep teeth from grinding and causing jaw pain.
  • SportsGuards

    sport guards model
    Custom-fitted mouthguards protect teeth during activities and contact sports.

Passionate, Dedicated, and Judgment-Free

The oral health of you and your family is our priority and our comprehensive care reflects this passion for our patients. Dental visits can be scheduled for many reasons, from routine hygiene cleanings to emergency dentistry and dental implants. Our expertise in many facets of dentistry provide us with the training and tools needed to restore your oral health, no matter your needs. If you have been neglecting your dental care or are simply looking for a new dental home for you and your family, schedule an appointment with us and experience the difference a dedicated and judgment-free dentist office can make!

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